Thursday, April 28, 2011

Portal 2

   Finished it yesterday, twas' quite epic.

   I really love the physics and the art style. Brings back some memories from the original Portal game. The voice acting is amazing in this, especially Wheatley's voice actor, Stephan Merchant. The humor within Portal is very funny as well.

   The levels/chambers were very well made throughout the entire game, there were also lots of secrets! The ending was perfect for Portal 2, and the credits, oh my, the CREDITS WERE AWESOME!

   Would play again.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


   Hurrah! My birthday (is tomorrow)! Going to celebrate with a family dinner and stuff. Got lots of work due this week though, so I better get workin'.

   They also didn't update this weeks rotation because Riot games had this server crash or something. It's known in history as the 4/12 fiasco. What a wonderful title. Brand looks too awesome, really looking forward to playing him. I still haven't played Lee Sin yet, going to try him in a few games when the rotation updates.

   Will keep you posted.