Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

   It released today.. I think, im not sure. I'm not getting it though, no more money after getting Black Ops :s not even sure if I would've gotten it if I DID have the money to.

   I was on and I saw this epic bundle for SFIV. You get SFIV (Original, not Super) and a MadCatz SE Fight Stick! All for $30! It's not a bad deal for those who play it casually, personally I would love it. But as I said before, no money .__. oh yeah, guess what? It's sold out for the 360! hah! Its still in stock for the PS3 though! Get it while its hot!

   EDIT: Aw hell! I just checked, and it just sold out for the PS3! haha, that was fast :b

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