Friday, November 19, 2010

Poker Night release date announced!

   There were tons of rumors for it releasing on Nov 2th, 8th, and the 20th. I was really hoping the rumor of it coming out on the 20th was true, but Telltale games announced the official release date is November, 20th, 2010! At least I won't get dissapointed time after time hoping it was going to release. Now I can wait and KNOW when it comes out!

   I'm also playing Vindictus again. I just found out the level cap as of now is 38 and right now, i'm only level 27! So no need to worry about the cap limit right now. I got the full Broken Ash set aswell. Except I can't wear the entire set until im level 30 :c I can nearly wield my second scythe though, which is always a good thing! Hoping to level up soon! 74%!

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