Thursday, November 3, 2011

Steam and Tetris!

   I finally got my Steam working after two days of errors and not updating. I'm glad now, I downloaded a few of the indie games that I love playing and I'm currently downloading TF2. I still play that from time to time but in the past year or so, I haven't played it too much. All I do nowadays is just idle for them hatz.

   Also, I made a goal of getting at least under 1:45 seconds on the 40 line sprint on Tetris by the end of this school year. My current best (which I just now achieved) is 1:50.03! When I made that goal, my best was around 2:23. That's a whole lot of improvement I must say. I think I set my goal to be too easy, not to be cocky or anything but I think I can achieve my goal by the end of this year.

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