Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Steam errors and LoL

   I've been trying to get Steam up and running for the past two days now. It all started when I got an email from Steam telling me to update my steam and open a link that would lead me to a Dota 2 survey. I did all of that but when I restarted my steam, it just said "Steam - Updating - 30% complete".

   That's all it said. Never once did it change. I restarted Steam at least ten times, reinstalled steam at least four times, I installed Steam onto another drive, I re-downloaded Steam multiple times, and I also did all of that while my fire wall was off. No luck at all. It's still stuck at 30% at this very moment. I seriously don't even want to get Steam working because of Dota 2 anymore.. I just want my precious steam account back where everything is so convenient and accessible :\

   I also played a few games of League of Legends today. Today was the first time I tried this new champion rotation.

   First off, I tried Graves. I was doing well and got tons of assists. The game dragged to nearly an hour. The game was all about strategy now. Our Fiddlesticks made a turrible decision which costed us the game. The next game was with Tristana because of my new found interest of her. She's really underrated but we also lost that game because of a free weekend... ;-; The last game I played was Malzahar. That game was I guess.. fun. The enemy team was pretty dangerous, but not enough to defeat us. That game, I finally won and got my FWOTD (First Win of The Day) and got 390ip! That's a whole lot.

   That was pretty much my day other than work.

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